Chapter 2: Using Technology to Differentiate by Interest

Basics of differentiation by interest:

  • Allow students choices to explore their own interests.

  • It boosts motivation.

Technology that enhances instructional strategies by focusing on student interest:

  • I-Searches

  • Jigsaw Groups

  • R.A.F.T.

  • WebQuests

Presentations by 6th Grade Team

Examples by Grade Level

  • 5th: Explorers as an I-Search -- How can you use this?

  • 4th: Volcanoes as a Jigsaw Group -- How can you use this?

  • 3rd: Multiplication and Cryptography as a WebQuest -- How can you use this?

  • 2nd: The Chalk Box Kid R.A.F.T. -- How can you use this?

  • 1st & Kindergarten: Here are two projects that combines several of the above strategies -- Perspective in Voki & Digital Storytelling in VoiceThread -- How can you use this?

Closure Discussion Questions:

  • How can you create I-Searches for your Harcourt Themes? SS Themes?

  • How can you jigsaw content, such as parts of the SS curriculum or science curriculum?

  • How can you use R.A.F.T. with your curriculum, while allowing students to choose by interest?

  • How can you use WebQuests with your content standards, while allowing student choice?

  • How can you adapt these instructional strategies to differentiate based on student interest?

Exit Cards:

  • What take-aways do you have as a result of this training?

  • What questions do you still have?

  • What will you try as a result of this training?